Launch your idea to market in 24 hours

Hoveo (by Zoe Chew) is a prototype accelerator that helps you build + launch your ideas in 24 hours. Validate your ideas fast without risking any capital. Learn how to build startup MVP — in hours not months.

The real COST of starting up

How long do you need to turn an idea into functional product to test with target customers? Well, we believe you can avoid these costs:

Time costSpend 4.5 months designing a prototype but never get to launch it to public
Money costIncorporated a company, hired 2 freelancers to build a startup idea — without validating your idea first
FundraisingTry to raise $50,000 investor funding to build a prototype or MVP — without having any early traction

Test idea in the cheapest way

It's not what you think! Dropbox, Facebook, Airbnb & Zappos (now billion dollar tech companies) did not start out as a full-feature platform. In fact, they built a scrappy "MVP" to test their ideas to see whether it will succeed. A minimum viable product (MVP) is an initial version of your app or platform where:

BasicA product with just enough features to demonstrate how your ideas work
TractionAllows you to get Beta users to sign up, download, use, interact or pay
TestingAble to test market demand in the fastest + cheapest way without building extensive product features; without startup capital $

What's Hoveo?

Hoveo is started by Zoe Chew, a prototype accelerator that helps you build + launch your idea in 24 hours. We work in the area of idea testing, product design and product awareness. We also provide business services such as prototype service & profile branding. Our 3 tiers program include:

Video tutorialTeach you how to build online platforms fast
Prototype serviceTurn startup idea into functional prototype with product pitch and landing page design
Profile pitching serviceCreate your personal site that sums up your domain of expertise & branding

Build X tutorial

[Coming soon]. Video course on how to build personal site, landing pages, listing site, job board, marketing funnels, resource directory, etc. Complete with concise steps on how to build & launch powerful online platform in 24 hours.

Personal site like author Mark Manson (clone)

Job posting & job search platform without code

Resources directory like "Startup Pitch Decks" (clone)

Prototype service

Every billion dollar startup was once a prototype with basic features explaining how their idea works. From there, they gather data about how many users responded to the solution idea. Then only decide whether to develop the full features. Hoveo turns your idea to functional product that enables you to test the market needs—fast. This is done by creating prototype using great product design, copywriting & landing page.

"Writing and refining copywriting is the most underrated part of product design." – Sahil Lavingia, Gumroad.

For product founders

You will most likely need our service if you fall into 1 of these categories:

Startup ideaWant to validate a startup idea but not sure how to craft a prototype to generate beta users
DescriptionKnow how your product idea works but struggle to put together a landing page design + refined copywriting
ClarityLaunch a product page but feels something is missing or not clear to users standpoint

What's included?

We manually work on and craft a landing page to help you showcase your product idea better

Video callOnboarding video call to discuss client needs
DesignCreate and design landing page to match your product
CopywritingDeliver refined product pitch & copywriting
1x pageApplicable to 1 product and 1 landing page (unlimited revision)

Profile pitching service

Most people do a background check before they decided to work with, invest in or hire you. Whether you're a founder, investor, speaker, designer or developer - being able to pitch yourself effectively helps you land your next big opportunity. In a digital world, it all starts with a personal site that sums up your domain of expertise.

"Pitch yourself as a professional. Tell them what [result] you've achieved, how you think, what [mission] are you going to achieve, what are you obsessed with and why it matters."

For skilled experts

Personal pitch and profile branding service will most likely suit you if you want to:

ClientsConnect with high-profile individuals or potential clients easily
ImpactLand first impression by communicating what you do and how you think
PowerActivate your personal authority & thought process in industry
MemorizeMake people remember you, your team, and your company

What's included?

We design personal site that suits your domain of expertise to help you increase profile branding:

InterviewVideo interview to learn about your background
ContentsPost-interview blog post and social media posting
PitchCreate personal site & craft effective personal pitch
10 pagesDesign multi-page personal site (10 pages)

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Build an online directory in 24 hours

👇 Learn to build a curated online directory like Producer Stash with Elementor.

Producer Stash was launched on Product Hunt. This online directory was built in 24 hours with WordPress and Elementor. It's fully functional. You can have:

calls-to-action top barcategory selectionnavigationdetail by categoryimage thumbnailsfeatured buttonsembedded HTML code
👉 Try out Producer Stash here!

Want to preview this tutorial?

Now you can learn from the maker of Producer Stash, Zoe on how to build + launch an online directory in 24 hours!

Being able to turn your idea into a MVP product in 1 day is 100% possible – even if you can't code or design well.

In this video course, you'll witness:

🙌 Use Elementor to design almost any STUNNING web design
💻 15+ toolkit used in building a resource directory
💖 Design great graphics even if you're suck at it
🔑 Configure WordPress plugins to speed up your site
😍 Over 50+ minutes premium video content
🚀 Optimize product pitch on Product Hunt page

👉 Preview this tutorial course now

Launch fast. Validate idea without capital.

Many people failed to execute their idea. Most of them are limited by these reasons:
can't code can't design wellspend 3.5 months tweaking a sitedon't have capital or funding to hire developer
But things have changed. Now using solution like WordPress & Elementor, it's possible to build something in 24 hours.

This video training gives you the speed and low-cost access to turn startup idea into MVP or Beta product that you can test with potential users.

You'll learn how to combine available technologies to turn idea into MVP product.

Fix bad designs in minutes, not days

Bad design can lose potential user sign-ups and skew initial traction numbers for your startup prototype.

This video course can help you fix this mistake.

We provide design guidance on the "Anatomy of Perfect Landing Page".

And show you how to use Elementor in WordPress to shape good design in minutes – not days!

All these are contributing to better user experience (UX) and higher conversion rates.

Fix slow websites. Load under 3 seconds!

Users hate to wait and they tend to leave the site if it's too slow.

Even it's only a MVP product, you can't afford to make your site slow.

This video course will show you how to optimize site speed in WordPress.

And apply proper improvement to reduce elements that burden your site.

Who is teaching this course?

Hi! 👋 My name is Zoe Chew, founder of Hoveo prototype accelerator and tutorial instructor for this video course.

I built and launched Producer Stash in 24 hours.

This project was featured on Product Hunt – popular platform for technology startups; with more than 150+ upvotes received.

You can read more about me on:
Medium post about the toolkit I used for Producer StashPersonal site that I built under 1 hourProduct Hunt page of Producer Stash
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